Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve forgotten my username and password?

Login using your email address at and click forgotten password link to reset your password.

I have an error message when adding a new vehicle VIN is not unique?

Email – [email protected] with a screenshot of the error message and VIN.

How can I receive an update on the a reservation placed on Stellantis Bedfordshire or delivery/collection date and times?

 Yes contact [email protected] 

How can I cancel a booking on Stellantis Bedfordshire?

Email – [email protected] with Subject CANCELLATION , TCR Number and Customer Surname.

How do I offhire a vehicle supplied by Free2move Stellantis Bedfordshire?

Email – [email protected] with Subject OFF HIRE , TCR Number and  REG

How do I extend a vehicle?

Follow the video guide on the training academy portal or Go into your agenda at your location (not STELLANTIS)select the customer name showing a Red arrow due to return or extend. Click the black arrow to access the booking and amend return date under rental details as required. PLEASE NOTE – It is critical that the bookings are extended daily. As after 2 days the invoice will generate automatically and will be incorrect and the reservation will Freeze.

How do I download the invoice for warranty.

Once the invoice has been generated – Click view rental agreement – This will produce 3 documents required to submit the claim to warranty as per as warranty bulletin W16 – 2022.

If I need some assistance using the Free2move system what should I do?

Please look at the training academy portal.

How do I carry out a DVLA check?

Ask your customer to log on to with their driving licence and NI number for a dvla code and bring that code with them on collection or upload onto the 2nd form of ID along with the front and back of their licence.