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As part of Stellantis’ move to a Single Legal Entity (SLE) several updates have been made to the Customer First platform (C1st). It is important that you read and familiarise yourself and your team with these changes to ensure your continued ability to receive and treat brand leads and new vehicle orders.

New Stellantis single sign on details:

‘MyPeople’ has been chosen as the Stellantis tool for retailer user id management and system access. MyPeople is already used by the Fiat, Abarth, Alfa and Jeep retail network however it will gradually replace ADMP for users in the Peugeot, Citroen, DS & Vauxhall brands. Following the Customer First update all users will be required to use their my people user credentials to access Customer First. A ‘MyPeople’ user guide is available for download below to provide guidance on how to manage users and ensure access to Customer First can be maintained.
Users needing to access SDH will require their new 'MyPeople' user credentials to access C1st, however will still be prompted for their ADMP credentials when linking to SDH.

Other changes:

1) New granular consent collection
2) Removal of personal contact info from the core B2B account records and no longer sharing B2B accounts across the network.
3) New concept of a local database and the central Stellantis database – change to searching and creating contacts in the database

PDF Guides:

Since the updates to the Customer First system have gone live users have been in contacted regarding a small number of issues they have faced. PDF User guides have been created and our available to download at the top of this page providing you with step by step instructions on how to avoid and solve these issues.

Further Assistance

For any further assistance or issues you are facing with accessing Customer First and its functions please contact your brands relevant helpdesk team using the contact details below:

Citroen & DS - 08456 030 637
Peugeot - 08456 030 638
Vauxhall - 0800 917 4781
Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Pro, Jeep - 08456 030 637

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